What people are saying about Kolburne...

"It gives me great pleasure and a sense of satisfaction knowing that my grandson John,enrolled at The Kolburne School, is being led on a straighter path which is bringing more stability into his life. I say this because I can attest to the many placements that John has had. None have been tailored to his individual needs like Kolburne."

"When we came to Kolburne, we had quite a list of questions for the Admissions Director. All of our questions were answered to my satisfaction with no hesitation. After the interview we were given a tour of the facilities and again my family and I were impressed with what we saw."

"With Will's other placements it has always been hit and miss. We have never seen the great improvement that we have seen in him over the past few months. Whether we visit him at Kolburne or he comes home to visit with the family, we see great improvement in the way Will is able to control himself."

"All of Kolburne's work should not go unnoticed. The staff's guidance, patience and tolerance have helped to mold Eric to being a better human being. Because of the staff's determination, I know that Eric is going to make it."

"When the date arrived for us to bring Susan to Kolburne, for the first time in a long time we left her with a good feeling. We knew from observation that we had hit a home run with Kolburne."

"On behalf of the Berkshire Special Olympics athletes and programs, I want to thank the Kolburne staff for their willingness to pitch in and help at athletic and fund raising events. Their enthusiasm, positive attitude, and willingness to do whatever they are asked to do are very much appreciated. I hope that they will continue to be involved in Special Olympics in the Berkshires, both as athletes and volunteers. They continue to "Inspire Greatness" in our athletes as well as volunteers because they are so willing to give of their time and effort. I am honored and humbled by all of them. If I have not said it before, they are all very much appreciated, and again, thank you."

"I am very happy with Peter's placement at Kolburne. I talk to staff on a regular basis. If I call with a concern, they are already aware of it and have addressed his needs or are working on it. I feel very comfortable knowing how they respond since I am so far away."

"Justin has the support from the caring nursing and residential staff to address questions and concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,and I see this support has helped him tremendously with coping and understanding his illness. In this environment he is better able to do his schoolwork. His high school teachers want to continue to work with him to finish his credits toward a high school diploma."

"The entire Jones family thanks you for all you're doing for Bobby. Here is a gift to the school of a book called Civilization III! I hope many young minds grapple with it."

"I have noticed a remarkable change in John in the past six months he has been at Kolburne. He has grown mentally, academically, and physically. He has become more aware of his illness and how to cope with it. He had failing grades at other schools, now he not only is passing but has some B's. He is not having the work done for him as was done in the other schools. Now he feels he is accomplishing the school work by using the skills he is learning to develop."

"We have been thrilled with our son's progress at The Kolburne School. We were very impressed with the school and its facilities when we first visited. The school building and the dormitory are clean and cheerful and the grounds are lovely. We were excited to see the beautiful indoor swimming pool, as our son loves to swim, and I think this is a wonderful recreational activity for the students. My son loves Kolburne - it really has been a Godsend for him and us. The most important aspect is that he says the staff are wonderful and caring; I have also found the staff to be hardworking and dedicated to the students there. My son has been battling with Tourette's Syndrome and its associated disorders since he was a toddler. I feel he is now in a school where he belongs. He is making friends and starting to feel good about himself. He has been more successful in academics as well, due to the small class sizes and the individual attention he's received. His favorite activity this year was the ski club. He just loved going skiing every week, and is very proud of improving his skiing skills. For the first time in a few years, my son feels hopeful for his future and now feels confident that he will be able to graduate high school and possibly continue on to college. A big thank you to all the wonderful, caring and capable staff at The Kolburne School."